Our Difference

1. Align People Process and Technology – a Solution for HIPAA Implementation

The challenge to implementing HIPAA is that HIPAA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards (NIST), which is “recommended’ as the vehicle to implementation do not align and therefore difficult to use.
It is for this reason that EMR Consulting Solutions sought to find a way to align HIPAA mandates with NIST standards that resulted in a bundled solution. Our solution recognizes that by aligning people, process (HIPAA/NIST) and technology (security systems), healthcare organizations can be better prepared to work towards HIPAA compliance.

2. Roadmap for Implementation™

Our HIPAA implementation process:

  • Provides a systematic approach to HIPAA implementation
  • Utilizes HIPAA/NIST policy and procedure standards as guidelines for HIPAA implementation
  • Outlines HIPAA/NIST technology system security best practices for keeping data secure
  • Encourages team-based implementation and adoption of HIPAA mandates
  • Is customized to the way you manage your practice

If HIPAA compliance is to become a reality, it should be viewed as a change management project.  It must be championed by the organization’s leadership and get buy-in by key department managers.  This sets the stage for our process.

With the above in place, a HIPAA implementation team is selected to guide the HIPAA implementation process. Team members gain an understanding of HIPAA mandates, start adoption of HIPAA standards and set the stage for introducing HIPAA polices and procedures to the rest of the organization.  This sets the stage for holding employees accountable for keeping patient data secure.

The IT department is charged with using HIPAA and NIST standards when working with the organization’s IT systems. Their job is to become proactive in monitoring and following through on IT system remediation of risks as they appear.  By doing so IT staff keeps information technology systems secure from cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks are no longer limited to your IT systems. Attacks come through email accounts, your wi-fi, and virtually anything that is connected to the internet. Studies indicate that 50% of breach is caused by internal staff. Security is a key Business Issue, and building a culture of prevention is key to minimizing loss of patient data.

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