HIPAA Implementation

HIPAA Implementation Program (HIP) Model
The purpose of the HIPAA Implementation Program (HIP) is designed to provide your organization with the foundation for attaining reasonable compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security mandates. EMR Consulting Solutions Inc. (EMRCS), will work with your organization’s Compliance Officer to implement the program. The success of HIP is dependent on your organization’s staff ability to follow through on action plans developed in collaboration with EMRCS. Both of these programs can be administered on-line.

This model is utilized by healthcare practice’s that want a fully automated HIPAA solution. The Risk Assessment is conducted through an on-line portal and includes HIPAA Privacy and Security policies and procedures. It houses all of HIPAA policy and procedure implementation efforts in a central location for ready access.

This model offers fully automated NIST’s  Cybersecurity Framework (CsF) Risk Assessment.  The CsF incorporates HIPAA data security mandates plus additional cybersecurity best practice standards for the purpose of preventing catastrophic damages that can be caused by cyber threats and cyber terrorism.