HIPAA Awareness Training


Stress Free – Staff HIPAA Awareness Training


Clear, instructive training* that provides a practical way to protect you, your organization and your patients from HIPAA violations. Our course:

  • Provides your staff with the required employee training to ensure on-going HIPAA compliance
  • Teaches your staff up to date HIPAA Security Rule mandates and how to protect your patients’ data and avoid breach
  • Easily managed program
  • Manages and documents HIPAA training attendance for the required 6-year retention period


  • Training materials available to all employees
  • On-demand and anywhere access videos
  • Employee testing that documents employee mastery
  • Email of course certificates of completion
  • On-line portal for management of employee training with optional monthly or weekly reminders


  • One-time setup fee: $95.00 per organization
  • Annual License Fee: $20/per employee

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*in collaboration with our partner ACR2 Solutions, and our efforts for a comprehensive solution for HIPAA compliance, we are pleased to offer you an on-line HIPAA Security Awareness Training program. This cost-effective training program is aligned with our HIPAA policies and procedures and meets the National Association of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommended standards for HIPAA.

Staff HIPAA Awareness Training

NIST StandardHIPAA Policy Mandates
AC-1Access Control Policy
AC-17Access Control Policy for Remote Access
AC-19Access Control Policy for Portable and Mobile Devices
AC-11Access Session Lock
AC-12Access Session Termination
AT-1Security Awareness and Training Policy and Procedures
AT-2Security Awareness Training
AT-5Contacts with Security Groups and Associations
CP-2Contingency Plan
CP-3Contingency Plan Training
CP-9Information System Backup
CP-10Information System Recovery
IA-2User Identification and Authentication
IA-3Device Identification and Authentication
IR-1Incident Response Policy and Procedures
IR-2Incident Response Training
IR-3Incident Response Testing
MP-1Media Protection Policy and Procedures
MP-2Media Access
MP-5Media Transport
MP-6Media Sanitization and Disposal
PE-5Physical Access Control for Display Media
SI-5System Security Alerts and Advisories

We offer a wide range of HIPAA awareness training programs that meet HIPAA’s security training safeguard.  There is flexibility to choose from different training modes such as online HIPAA training with an instructor, onsite training (at client’s site), online anytime training, and offsite training (classroom-based).

Our HIPAA Awareness Licensed Training program is generated and delivered through an on-line portal for easy management by the program administrator. We schedule a webinar to provide instruction on how to manage the program and offer customization of training content and tests.

The NIST/HIPAA based Training program allows the program administrator to manage participant list and ability to send staff a link to the training. At the conclusion of the training, participants are required to take a test and if they pass are emailed a certificate of completion. We stipulate a passing grade of 80%, however, the program administrator can determine passing grade.

The on-line portal enables the program administrator to monitor which individuals have taken the training and who needs reminders. The program is designed to document that the organization has complied with the HIPAA awareness training mandate.