5 Step Process

1. Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is the first step in HIPAA compliance and is the basis that you will use to establish your organization’s security activities. HIPAA requires that you protect patient data that is created, stored, transmitted, or received electronically. We will conduct an IT scan of your network and subsequent reports will show your level of compliance and level of risks and threats to losing your patient data.

2. Remediation - Policies and Procedures

Having determined the risk to your patient data, the next step is to remediate the risks identified in the Risk Assessment. The Security Safeguards under Administrative Physical and Technical requirements must be implemented and documented. Our HIPAA compliance program provides up-to-date policies and procedures to help your organization comply with HIPAA mandates.

3. Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your most valuable asset and as such must be trained in HIPAA mandates. Studies indicate that about 50% of breach is caused by staff mostly due to lack of understanding of how their actions can compromise patient data.  They need to recognize Ransomware, hacking, phishing and other ways that they can be tricked to click on a link that downloads malware and results in loss of your patients’ data.

4. Business Associate Management

HIPAA requires that you execute a Business Associate Agreement with vendors that access your patient data. They are subject to the same HIPAA compliance requirements as your organization. Your Business Associate must ensure that he/she and/or any subcontractor agree to implementing
“reasonable and appropriate” safeguards to protect your patient data. Failing to comply may result in a fine for both you and your Business Associate

5. Privacy Safeguards

Privacy Safeguards are designed to provide standards for the use and disclosure of patient information. They provide individuals with privacy rights and help patients understand and control how their health information is used. We offer policy and procedures for managing this complex area. The Office of Civil Rights oversees this safeguard and violation of this rule can result in civil money penalties and incarceration.

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