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Healthcare harbors massive amounts of data and has the highest volume of attacks. The industry experiences massive patient data breach resulting in high fines, financial loss and ruined reputations. By taking a proactive role, healthcare providers can minimize the risk of losing their patient data though a risk management approach. Our 5-step process includes a risk analysis and a risk management process that embraces proven security mandates that are critical to healthcare providers’ Security Rule compliance efforts.

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The EMR Process

Without a doubt, there are tremendous challenges to implementing HIPAA.  Massive amount of information, a maze of confusing mandates, and reams of technical jargon have made HIPAA extremely difficult to understand and/or manage.  With this in mind, we designed Roadmap to Implementation™​ (RFI).

EMR Consulting Solutions has taken massive amounts of information related to HIPAA/HITECH with its confusing mandates and requirements and reams of technical jargon and created a HIPAA Implementation process. We utilize a workflow methodology that incorporates all of HIPAA’s security safeguards into one fully integrated system that aligns People, Process and Technology.

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